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Artificial intelligence is the new electricity - says Andrew Ng, one of Stanford University's leading AI scientists.

But in practice, the spark has not yet been ignited in many (especially small and medium-sized) companies, because access to the use and development of AI is associated with high hurdles and is therefore often shied away from or postponed to an undefined "later".

Generating and exploiting data and developing suitable AI models is expensive and requires a lot of manpower that cannot usually be provided in companies.

Lack of knowledge about AI

Not enough own labor

Too expensive and complicated

We think that these difficulties must not lead to AI technology only being usable by a few in large companies, but rather see it as our task to bring it to European SMEs so that they do not lose out internationally - as this is already becoming noticabel in some cases.


To meet these challenges, we offer a platform that provides companies with AI solutions tailored to their processes at fair prices.

This platform offers a complete solution that includes consulting, data collection, its automated processing, as well as the creation, training and deployment of AI models - also and especially for customers with little or no expertise in the AI field.

A usecase: In the food industry, packaging must be inspected for damage and other irregularities.

With our complete solution, the detection of such damage can be fully automated. This can save considerable costs in the area of product quality assurance.

We consult, collect image-based data, annotate it, and create AI models that are incorporated into your production process.

Expert Advice

Expertise in annotation and AI-development

Cost-efficient solutions

Four steps to your customized AI:

Together with you, we create a solution concept for the implementation of an AI in your production process.

We support you in collecting the image data required for the AI training through our hardware data collection solutions.

We take care of the annotation of this data and create an AI model on the basis of this annotated data for your long-term process optimization.

We integrate the model into your process and take care of its operation and maintenance.

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